Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hen picked, linocut reduction

Linocut reduction in 7 colors "Pecking Order"
Busy weekend, with a lot of rain coming down, it was the perfect occasion to spend the whole weekend in the studio, preparing and printing a new linocut. I am a bit farm at this time, hens,
rustic, country life, the images keep coming, and I would love to find the time to make some more prints on this theme.... as well as kitchen, maybe because I am starting the renovation of a new house, and hey, we have not even started knocking the walls down, before I am thinking of what to hang on the new ones :o))) well.... for me, a wall, is for hanging art, a a rainy weekend is for creating it!
My bulging washing basket begs to disagree, the perfect artist life would be, hmmm, well, naked I guess, as I find washing such a bore...... although...hmmmm..... have not tried that as a lino reduction....... :o)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Draw is finally done!!

linocut reduction with hens , "Scratch"
Thank you so much for your patience!! the Draw...(that I had completely forgotten about, yes, it is sad, but true...... that's what happens when there is tooooo much to do.....) is done, and lovely Francesca Whetnall has won the draw!! Congratulations, and look forward to hearing from you!

linocut reductions at Cascada Studio

Linocut reduction with fish "Big Blue"
after a super weekend of exhibition with ceramist  Agneta Larsen it is straight back to work for yours
truly, my new linocut with fish , the "Big Blue" is done, a 6 color linocut reduction, in a couple of variations is ready to be numbered and signed and go on sale in my etsy shop , next is printing more Christmas cards, and a couple of fun people in the studio learning some printmaking, a busy busy November ahead, before I hang my work in the Town Hall in Mijas for the month of December.
No time to sleep!! Lovely!!