Sunday, August 19, 2012

My first, but not last give away!

3 color lino reduction for sale in my etsy shop!
Participate in my first Printmaking in Spain give away! Just become a follower of my new blog,
and you are in the draw!! :o) Mariann


  1. Hi Mariann, thanks for this great giveaway!! I love your work, I would love to win it!!
    So... Mucha suerte para mi!

    Gracias and I will follow you!!

  2. Great stuff Mariann. Sounds like you're having a blast. Wish I could come join you...actually I'm thinking about it! At the moment I'm not doing any art at all...the weather is far too nice to stay indoors. Spending all my time in the garden. Love and kisses!

  3. They're fab chickens. I know a chicken-keeper-printmaker who'd love this... must send her a link!
    Good luck with the new blog, Mariann!

  4. I'm now following! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Fabulous!
    Is this still open??
    New follower!

  6. Hi Mariann, I just "Tweeted" this on Twitter...

    When is the closing date for the giveaway?

  7. Thanks all of you, for following my blog! closing date for the give away is on Sunday, the 16th of September!

  8. Is this a new blog to replace the old blog? I don't want to miss anything! the give away is a great idea by the way!

  9. Oo, I'm glad I'm just in time :-)

  10. That's a great print, as is the banner for the blog. I'll be showing your work to my printmaking students.

  11. Look at all you good people... signing up for my new blog, which will be really only about printmaking, so I can have some rants (very small) and some raves (very large) on my personal blog.....
    I just feel that I would like to write a bit about being an artist, and not mix it up with what I want to be a practical, sharing printmaking blog..... as autumn now comes, more blog posts are promised.... darker evenings etc etc.... :o)
    I draw tomorrow, so last chance to start following this blog!!